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9 Apr 2019 Clayton sells manufactured homes not trailers. Manufactured homes are mounted on a foundation and not parked at a trailer park. 2. Clayton 

Investing in mobile home parks could be your most profitable investment outlet in today’s market. In a suffering economy, finding a lucrative investment is essential. While real estate is generally thought to be a solid investment, there are not a lot of homes being purchased. In the current state of our economy, more people are Investing in mobile home parks is a lower risk decision. The risk of loss only decreases with more individual units. When you have more tenants, the risk is more spread out. When you own a large collection of units, the high cost of occurrences, such as eviction or random expenses, are spread out across a large portfolio and are less of a hit. There are several risks to consider when investing in mobile home parks. Repairs and Maintenance-If tenants do not keep up with the repairs and maintenance on their property, it could make the rest of the park look rundown. This could cause other mobile home owners to pass up your park and look elsewhere for their permanent residence. Investing in trailer parks have higher ROI’s than real estate. Most people can’t believe their ears when they hear this. After all, we have been conditioned to believe that nothing can outdo a real estate investment as long as you can afford to make one. And, while it’s true that real estate may outperform mobile home parks as an

18 Feb 2019 Their mobile home park company has produced tens of millions for investors in recent years and saw a return on investment of more than 30% 

10 Sep 2018 When most people think about mobile home parks, a lucrative investment isn't typically the first thing that comes to mind. Because of the price  27 May 2015 When most people hear the word “mobile home” (i.e. trailer, manufactured home, etc.) Here he discovered the little niche of mobile home investing. Do you also own/invest in mobile home parks, or just individual homes  19 May 2014 As Frank Rolfe, a park owner who runs Mobile Home University, a boot camp for investors, told Bloomberg, "We're like a Waffle House where  30 May 2018 Andrew Lanoie talks about going from being an agent for A-list celebrities to his business around investing in mobile home parks. 23 Aug 2018 Investments that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. “It takes a lot of money to run a park and keep it up to standard,” the manager said.

From the New York Times to Bloomberg, mobile home park investing is starting to be recognized as an attractive real estate sector. So what has made mobile home parks suddenly on the radar screen of the real estate community? The sector has always done extremely well, but investors are finally getting over the stigma and learning to appreciate the power of affordable housing.

Mobile home park acquisition fund for Accredited Investors. Alternative real estate investment. Manufactured housing communities. Trailer parks. Trailer courts. 10 Apr 2019 Mobile Home Park Investing - Why you should be adding MHPs to your Commercial Real Estate Investment Portfolio. Check out what the 

11 Jul 2017 I realized that mobile home park investors were crushing it right now. I had to dig in deeper! So, why are mobile home parks one of the best 

7 Feb 2020 As older owners of mobile-home parks are retiring and selling up, big-name investors — from real estate investment trusts such as Equity Lifestyle  I know nothing about trailer parks or investing in them. I hit up the Google, but was quickly overwhelmed. Too. Much. Information. I dismissed the investment. I'm   Mobile homes are unique investments; is one right for you? Mobile homes placed in mobile home parks typically decrease in value over time. On the other  PROFITS THROUGH ACTION Mobile Home Park Investments LLC selectively purchases dilapidated high vacancy mobile home parks. Through our value add  

Mobile home parks allow you to acquire more units for less money. It's the lowest cost investment per unit of any real estate asset class. Most park owners own the  

However, this idea of investing into mobile home parks has been overlooked. I want to share with you how investing in mobile home parks, can be an additional asset, and one investors should pay attention to. They are four, higher level, macroeconomic reasons that manufactured housing is a particularly good investment, as well as three Illegally investing in mobile homes/parks. If you invest in whole mobile home parks, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, if you purchase mobile homes inside of mobile home parks, you may need to apply for a mobile home dealer license. The criteria for when you must apply for this license, the requirements you must meet to be Mobile Home Parks Are a Viable Investment "It's different from other types of real estate investing. Mobile home parks are definitely not for everyone. You have to have a whole different mindset. For investors, trailer parks are cash cows. They offer relatively strong and steady returns of 4 per cent or more — around double the average US real estate investment trust return, according to If you have experience investing in mobile home parks or have questions on how you can start this is the place to post. For more information on how you can begin investing in mobile home parks we encourage you to check out our blog for more curated information from our expert contributors.

30 May 2018 Andrew Lanoie talks about going from being an agent for A-list celebrities to his business around investing in mobile home parks.